Brinchang Guide

Brinchang has always been the town which is more lively after dark by Cameron Highlands standards. Based on the criteria of food, there are many restaurants which cater to locals and tourist located here. This town has been booming over the past 15 years since its located closer to the main tourist attractions and this is also the home to the famous Cameron Highlands Night Market.

The Night market itself is no different from other night markets throughout the country with the traffic jams, parking problems and the litter however, the experience of taking a stroll in the night market in the cool weather is what drives most people here. The things sold here are anything but unique to the highlands. From tacky souveniers to fresh vegetables to street food, the pasar malam should be on your list if you have nothing else to do after dark.

A lot of the restaurants along the main street are steamboat restaurants which cater to tourists. Price can vary between seasons so its best to check before ordering.


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