Strawberry Farms

The climate in Cameron Highlands is excellent for year-round strawberry production and this has encouraged many farmers to cultivate this fruit. In fact, strawberry production is such a big business here, the people of Cameron Highlands have associated themselves very closely with this fruit. Hotels are named after strawberries, clothes come in strawberry prints, there are strawberry toys, strawberry souvenirs, even pillows, strawberry farm visits, strawberry jam, ice cream and a whole range of Malaysian food fusioned with this berry.

Unlike its European counterpart the Strawberries grown here are not as big and sweet as what's available there. The craze for everything strawberry seems to only apply to local tourists who do not get to see this fruit grown in a large scale anywhere else in the country.

Most strawberry farms are situated around Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Kea Farm. During higher production season from May till August, many of these farms offer strawberry picking by hand to attract visitors. Visitors wishing to indulge in this activity are charged between RM50 to RM60 a kg of fruit plucked.

Some of the most popular strawberry farms where visitors can do interactive visits are Big Red Strawberry Farm in Brinchang, Kasimani’s Farm close to the Golf Course and Kok Lim Strawberry Farm, S-Corner and Raju Hill Strawberry Farm near Kea Farm.

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