Formed in 2001 by local residence concerned with the massive destruction environment in the highlands, the Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands (REACH), has been championing to protect highlands forest.

Among the activities which is conducted by REACH volunteers are

This began in 2001 in an illegally cleared land on a ridge in Gunung Brinchang. It is conducted from funds from private bodies. As this area is almost fully reforested, for 2015 the reforestation exercises were incorporated with other biodiversity activities such as bird watching, mossy forest educational walks, fertilizing the planted trees.. For future programmes it would include ‘planting’ epiphytes such as orchids onto existing trees

Community Stream Investigation (CSI)
The aim of the CSI programme, is to create a sense of awareness among the students and teachers in the care of the river both aesthetically and its importance to us as drinking water source. It is basically a programme whereby participants are taught on how to identify certain living organisms in the rivers and use the presence of these organisms (macroinvertebrates)to indicate the state of health of the particular river (bio-indicators).

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