Insider Food Guide – Eric’s Pandan Layer Cake

With our new website version, we are kicking off with the Insider Food Guide Series which highlights less known food places in Cameron Highlands.

In the first series, we will highlight the pandan layer cake from Rick Bake Cake House. Also known as Eric's Pandan Cake to the locals, this cake has been a favourite among the residents here for the past 20 years. The taste has not changed much over the years and its perfect in my opinion as its not too sweet like the other commercial variety.

Rich Bake Cake House has been in operations from the early 1990's where they were the very first cake house to operate in Tanah Rata. They have moved away from the town centre many years back and are now located in Carnation Park. Although they have moved further out, they do still have a steady orders from locals to keep them busy.

This is a local bakery where locals order their cakes for Birthdays, Anniversaries and other functions. Besides the Pandan Layer Cake, they also have Coffee-Pandan Cake, Butter Cakes and Cheese Cakes.

Do note that this is not a cafe where you can dine in. This is a bakery which only does takeaway's and you will have to pre-order one day in advance. Also don't be surprised with the furnishings as you walk in.

Location : On the right hand side as you drive towards Carnation Park, Tanah Rata. You can't miss it as there only one row of shoplots here.

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