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Cameron Ver.8

The all new Cameron Version 8 is finally up. Thank you everyone who supported us over the last 19 years. Starting in 1997 as a simple website promoting Cameron Highlands on the World Wide Web, we have evolved just like the internet and we are committed to providing the most comprehensive information on Cameron…
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Formed in 2001 by local residence concerned with the massive destruction environment in the highlands, the Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands (REACH), has been championing to protect highlands forest. Among the activities which is conducted by REACH volunteers are Reforestation This began in 2001 in an illegally cleared land on a ridge in Gunung Brinchang.…
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Insider Food Guide – Eric’s Pandan Layer Cake

With our new website version, we are kicking off with the Insider Food Guide Series which highlights less known food places in Cameron Highlands. In the first series, we will highlight the pandan layer cake from Rick Bake Cake House. Also known as Eric's Pandan Cake to the locals, this cake has been a favourite…
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